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Birdwatching at Amanzuri Wetlands
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Muni Pomadze is located within the Awutu, Efutu, Senya and Gomoa districts of the Central Region, and covers 9,461 ha. The site is particularly important for terns, and supports an estimated population of 23,000 water birds, comprising 27 species of waders, 8 species of terns and 7 species of herons and egrets. There are 114 species of terrestrial birds and several species of mammals. Three species of marine turtles nest on the beaches, i.e. Olive Ridley turtle, green turtle and leatherback turtle.

Winneba is the largest town with a human population of 39,000 in 1997. Land-use activities include agriculture (cassava, maize, and vegetables) and hunting. Other activities include lagoon fishing for mainly tilapia and marine fishing. An important socio-cultural activity is the hunt for bushbuck using bare hands during the annual Aboakyire festival of the people of the Effutu Traditional Area. As a traditional conservation activity, and to support the festival for the remainder of the year the chiefs and elders restrict the normal hunting of bushbuck. Prior to the formal opening of the lagoon, there is a 2-3 week ban on fishing in (May June). Fishing is not allowed on Wednesdays.