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Shai Hills Resource Reserve is only 51 square kilometres and is the wildlife park closest to Accra. It takes less than an hour to reach the park on the road to the Volta lake. The park is famous for the large bands of olive baboon that over-run the highway beside the park in the mornings and evenings. The Wildlife Division has plans to replace the fence around the park with support from the private sector so that it can be restocked with wildlife
Shai Hills has a varied package of wildlife, archaeological sites, carves and granite hills and is located in the Dangme West District of the Greater Accra Region. The distance to Accra is  about 50km.

The vegetation of Shai Hills is dry, coastal evergreen savannah and 40% of the park is made up of imposing hills covered with dry forest. Major wildlife to be seen include olive baboons in large numbers, green monkeys, kobs and bushbucks, as well as monitor lizards, pythons and snakes. Bird lovers will also find Senegal parrot, grey plantain eater, hornbill, red northern bishop and violet turaco. Other birds to be found in Shai Hills include Senegal cuckoo, stone partridge and francolin.

Shai Hills was home to the Shai people until 1873 when the British colonial army expelled them as they were alleged to be committing ritual murder.. Visitors to Shai Hills and those looking for adventure make it a point to visit to any or all of the three caves, Adwuku, Sayu and Hieweyu. The three caves with different profiles offer the visitor a good physical exercise, especially for those who scale the Adwuku cave to the top to view the vast Accra plains.

In September – October, the local people celebrate the Manyam festival that brings the community to the park’s caves for the performance of ethnic rituals. Best time for visiting is October to May. Shai Hill has a resort hotel close to its northern gate. The park has an interpretation centre from where visitors launch their tour of the park.